16 May 2011

Crazy Love

I gave you this sneak peek yesterday at Jordan's anniversary gift.
When planning his gift, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something sentimental to us. The traditional first anniversary wedding present is 'paper,' so my initial thought was to print and frame the sheet music to our wedding song - Van Morrison's "Crazy Love." Thoughtful, but a little boring and too easy. 

The same day I was brainstorming his gift, Nicole over at Me oh My posted a DIY Tutorial for Wood Stained Painting. Perfect! Why not do a painted version of our wedding song? Sometimes I honestly have the strangest luck when it comes to projects. Technically not a paper gift, but paper and wood both come from trees. Does that count?? It took me a few days to decide whether or not this was a feasible project to tackle. And if it didn't work out as easy as she made it look, I needed a back-up gift.

Finally last Wednesday (way to procrastinate, Jessica!) I purchased my supplies and went to work. Jordan was out for a good portion of the night at a Philadelphia Union soccer game, so I knew I could work uninterrupted. I finished most of it that night before he came home and did the last few touches the following day. 

I'm really proud of it. And it helps that the hubby loved it.

Last step is finding where to hang the piece.

Be sure to check out Nicole's blog My Oh My! 


  1. I love DIY Art like this! It is inexpensive, but bold and really looks great!

  2. Very Cute, I love this! What size is the entire frame? Size of the letters?