15 May 2011

Anniversary Weekend Recap

My absolute favorite picture from our wedding day.

One year ago today was the best day of my life to date. (Although after the next 8 weeks I think we will have this day beat.)

Today, May 15th is our first wedding anniversary! It is honestly crazy to even think that it has been a year. We’ve had our fair share of ups and down, challenges, surprises, and many ‘firsts’ as newlyweds. (Can we still be called newlyweds after the first year mark??) But with each day that passes we become stronger, closer and more in love than ever.

This past weekend we headed down to Rehoboth Beach for a little mini vacation. Since I'm at 32 weeks, travel is a bit restricted for us. But this was the perfect getaway that we needed. Just me and the hubby.. oh and Lyla. Yes, we brought her with us. We are still undecided whether or not that was a good idea. Lyla isn't the best traveler. She spent most of the weekend nervous and jumpy. 

Although I brought our camera with us, we were too busy to take many pictures.

I snapped this shot of my babies napping while I took a quick shower.

After dinner Saturday night before we went out on the town.

When we checked in Friday night it was already about 7:00 so we hopped in the shower and headed over to Dos Locos for dinner. Mexican food is our weakness, so this was a must. We split mini tacos as an app, Jordan got the Pork Tomatillo Burrito and I ordered the Sante Fe Quesadilla.

Saturday after grabbing breakfast at a local diner and taking the pup for a long walk to tire her out, we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon walking around town and along Rehoboth Ave, checking out all the shops. It was pretty overcast and too chilly to enjoy the water, but we did walk along the boardwalk until the rain started. So we ran to Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro for a dry place to grab lunch. Jordan had the freshest apple juice either of us have ever tasted and I had the Greenman juice - a mix of apple, kiwi, cucumber and spinach. We each had a delicious organic sandwich. 

A nap and a shower later, we went out for our anniversary dinner at The Pig and Fish. Dinner was amazing. Jordan imbibed in some Dark and Stormys (the staple drink of Bermuda where we went on our honeymoon) and we each pigged out on some of the best food we've ever had.

Cheese pierogies with bacon, herbed sour cream, sweet onions and truffled pomme frites.
I need to recreate these at home someday. 
Any kind of cheese plate is a staple appetizer for us. 

I had salmon for my meal (the one seafood I allow myself to eat while pregnant in moderation) with sweet mashed potatoes, black bean and corn salsa and a cilantro sauce. Jordan had the BBQ braised pork shank with spinach and mashed potatoes. We were beyond full after that. Another long walk for the pup after dinner and we went out on the town to Irish Eyes

Although it may sound like a low-key weekend, it was absolutely perfect for us. We got to spend some time just the two of us doing one of our favorite things to do together: eat at some great restaurants. We relaxed and laughed all weekend and didn't bother to look at the clock once. We were on our time. 

Now we are home and both Jordan and Lyla are taking a long , much needed nap. We exchanged gifts after we got home. Here is a peek at the gift I made for Jordan. I will post more about it in detail tomorrow, but just to give you an idea:

We also stopped at my parent's house on our way home and picked up the top layer of our wedding cake. We will be digging into that later tonight. :)

All in all a great weekend. :)

For fun, check out my posts about our wedding, honeymoon, and even one about some of my favorite details about our wedding day. I know I’ll be flipping through pictures and reminiscing with my hubby tonight.

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  1. Glad you had such a nice weekend! Rehoboth will be even more fun for you next year with a little one in tow :o)