21 June 2011

Baby Countdown To-Do List Updated

Two weeks and 4 days until Lucy is due. Here's is where I stand with my Baby Countdown To-Do List:

  • Work on guest room for potential post-baby overnight guests

  • Organize decor on new living room shelves

  • Bonus points if I can do the above without purchasing anything new (ok, I bought ONE thing...)

  • Finishing touches in nursery (paint touch-up, fix window treatments, etc)

  • Ceiling fan for nursery

  • Blinds for skylight in nursery - still trying to figure how to tackle this one out without spending $200 on a custom blind

  • Find a mirror for nursery 

  • Clean and spruce up outside (front and back upstairs and down) - clean, yes. spruce, no.

  • Hang family wedding photos in upstairs hallway

  • Decide on a spot and hang Jordan's anniversary gift

  • Reupholster dining room chairs

  • FInd pillows for dining room bench

  • De-clutter dining room -  the dining room has become baby storage so none of these items have even been touched.

  • Purchase final frame for wedding wall collage in living room 

  • Re-organize linen closet - we actually plan to do this one this week... or so we say :)

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