07 June 2011

DIY Nursery Sachet

My mom hosted her baby shower this past weekend. It was a wonderful day.  We lucked out with perfect weather, even though they were threatening thunderstorms. Surrounded by my family and closest friends, I couldn't have been happier. More about the shower in another post. I snapped some shots of my mom's owl-themed party that I'm dying to share with you all!

Two of my favorite gifts I received were given to me by my aunt - these pieces of jewelry personalized with baby girl's name, Lucy James.

They were ordered from nelle & lizzy

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the jewelry was the strong scent of the dried lavender that is packed inside the boxes. I loved the smell so much that I knew I wanted to keep and reuse the lavender somehow.

I found a pair of simple white socks that were a part of a diaper cake we received and knew they would be the perfect pouch needed to make my own lavender sachets for the nursery.

 I found some scrap rainbow colored ribbon that was part of a shower gift that I kept to use for something crafty. I cut the ribbon in half and used each half to tie around and seal the socks to keep the lavender from spilling.

I used a piece of teal scrap ribbon leftover from the pom poms I made to string the sock sachets together and tied a loop to hang. 

The smell is still strong enough through the socks for the lavender to come through, but not as overwhelming as when the boxes were originally opened.

Gotta love last minute DIY ideas. 

(please ignore my wrinkly skin!)

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