10 June 2011

Ceiling Fan and SIDS Prevention

I mentioned on my 8 week Baby Countdown To-Do List that we wanted to install a ceiling fan in the nursery. (Note: as of tomorrow I am at the four week mark and haven't gotten as much done on my list as I had hoped. But I did get a few things taken care of. More on those later.)

While talking to a friend who has a 9 month old daughter, we received a lot of great advice when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and post-partum parenting. I took tons of notes from his words of wisdom and one of the things that stuck out to both of us was the idea of using a fan in the nursery to help lower the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Apparently the stale air of a room that isn't well ventilated causes a big risk for SIDS, and something as simple as putting a fan in the room can make a world of difference.

I did a little research online myself. If you are parent-to-be, check out the following articles I found:

When posting pictures of the nursery, I rarely take any high enough to see the ceiling of the room. As you can see below, we just had a simple light fixture. I actually really like the light fixture, so we may install it in the guest room, which gets little to no sunlight and is in desperate need of a lighting solution. But that will be a post-baby project.

The fan we chose was from Lowes. We checked out Home Depot first, but didn't find anything we wanted that didn't cost close to $100. We knew we wanted one that was flush mount to the ceiling, had a 52" span along with 5 blades. When we saw this fan for around $35, we knew we hit the jackpot. Since the room is small itself, I wanted something that was white and somewhat discreet that would blend into the white ceiling.

Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan from Lowes

Yesterday afternoon, my father-in-law came over after work and helped Jordan install the fan.

These pictures aren't the best, but if I showed you the rest of the nursery you would see that the crib, floor, and every other inch of space was covered with boxes, clothes, blankets, a diaper genie, and other miscellaneous items that have yet to be put away from the shower.

I'll admit the room doesn't look drastically different from the last time I posted about the nursery here, but I have tackled some mini projects and do plan to do a few things this weekend. 


  1. I remember having the fan going every night in Gray's room from the day we brought him home, even through the Winter(on low of course). I know they say you're a little more relaxed with the second child, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be just as paranoid.

    And I'd love that mirror for my new room, so when you find it let me know ;o)

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