04 April 2011

Picture Perfect

This will be one of the last nursery related posts for a while. Now that we have the main elements set in the room, I just need to add a few details and accents pieces before it is complete. Rather than update you with each knick-nack I add to the room, I decided I would rather halt all updates until I can do a final reveal of the finished room.

That being said, this past weekend, one of the mini projects I squeezed in between our very relaxing weekend is adding a gallery wall to the nursery. A mix of IKEA frames and my bargain Pottery Barn frame with a few thrift store mirrors I've collected (including one of the mirrors I scored on Friday). 

I was very specific in the way I wanted these hung on the wall. I arranged them on the floor and played with the design a few times before coming up with this final set-up. 

In order to replicate it on the wall, I laid a piece of Frog Tape across the length of the middle of my frame collage. 

I duplicated a piece of tape of the same length on the wall in the space I wanted to hang everything.

I made markers along the tape according to where each frame/mirror would be spaced out. After that I simply used the above picture of the frames and tape as a reference and hung the pieces on the wall according to the layout and markers on the tape.

I know it seems like a weird way to space things out, but it truly worked. In the end the layout was an exact replica of what I had planned on the carpet.  

I still need to decide what I want to put in all the frames since I only have one lowly sonogram in there for now. I plan to use the small square shadowbox from IKEA to hold either her hospital bracelet or some other memorabilia from the day our little one was born. Of course her first picture will end up in one of these frames, too. Other than that I may mix some personal and family shots or maybe even one of me pregnant when my belly gets bigger. 

Hope this keeps you satisfied on the nursery updates for a while :)

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