07 April 2011

Grandmother's Jewels

As promised, a look through some of the gorgeous vintage jewelry passed onto me by my grandmother (known by her grandkids as "Beebah").

The above necklace actually belonged to Jordan's grandmother, not mine. 
His aunt gave it to me as a gift last Christmas.

I wear this gold bracelet the most. It was one of the first pieces my grandmother gave to me. If you look carefully you can see something written on the bag.

"1907 Gold Bracelet"

There is also an inscription inside that says "Pat Oct. 22 07"

My heart broke when I came home from work after wearing this one day and found one of the roses missing. Part of me hopes I can somehow fix it.

Most of the necklace and bracelet sets I have come with a matching set of clip-on earrings. 
To this day Beebah has never had her ears pierced. 

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