03 April 2011


We've had quite the low key weekend and I think it's just what we both needed. No big house projects to work on this weekend (although I did work on a few mini projects when I could sneak them in). Next weekend we will be back at it as we have someone coming out to measure and give us estimates for new carpeting in our bedroom, hallway and steps as well as hardwood in the living room. I'm pretty excited as I can't wait to rip out the berber carpet in the living room.

Friday after work I ventured out to one of my favorite thrift stores to check out some goodies for the house. Most of my thrift adventures are pretty hit or miss. I did manage to score these great pieces. One gold frame for $.99 and two small gold mirrors for $1.99 each. I've already found homes for all three.  

While I'm there, I always take a peek at the jewelry as I wait in line to pay. 
Every once and I while I will spot a gem like this one.

The perfect dainty gold necklace that can be worn alone during the day or paired with another longer necklace for a night out. 

And can you beat the $1.91 price?

Aside from house goodies, my absolute favorite thing to shop for at thrift stores is a good vintage clutch. The thrift store I frequent most always has two full bins of clutches and make up bags. It takes some digging and patience but I've had good luck and scored some great finds. This time around I found two perfect pieces.

First was this tiny beaded white clutch. It's the perfect palm sized bag with just enough room to fit some cash and a lipstick. All you really need for a night out, right? I love that most of the old clutches come with a thin chain that can be used or easily tucked inside if you prefer.


Second was this great black alligator clutch. I've been in need of a good black clutch for a while now so this one was a definite must-have as soon as I laid eyes on it.


Here are a few other of my favorite thrift clutches I've collected over time.

I showed you in my closet tour that I have a collection of vintage gloves passed onto me by my paternal grandmother. Every now and then she will present me with a gem - purse, jewelry, piece of milk glass, etc. A few months ago I scored this great bag. It was in their pile of things to donate to the Cancer Federation. I asked my grandfather if I could root through and I'm so glad I did!

Isn't the detailing gorgeous?

I also have an amazing collection of her jewelry that I will have to show you all sometime. She only wears a few statement pieces these days but has saved the rest her jewelry for me to have.

What are your favorite things to thrift shop for?


  1. i read your post today and then ended up on this one. you're a great thrifter! i think i might have a new hobby...

  2. Thanks! It's so much fun and a good little afternoon adventure. Sometimes I just luck out with a great piece and other times you have to look for the potential of something that just needs a little TLC.