14 June 2011

Mission: Mirror - Success?

A few days ago I posted about a wooden lattice mirror that I'm loving for the nursery. 

The problem was it's $249 price tag. Trying to be the fiscally responsible mom-to-be, I decided I would need to search for the closest alternative and settle for a less expensive version. 

I've been scouring the internet for the last few days with the help of my mom who has been sending me links to mirrors she has found. Here are some of the alternative we found:

via CSNMirrors - $56.00 
(Target was selling the same mirror for $80)

via Ebay - $39.00

via Overstock - $105.99

via CSNMirrors - $125.89

I went back and forth and with Jordan's input, we decided to purchase two of the first mirrors from CSN ($56.00). Since they are only 2 feet wide we figured we could hang them side by side above the dresser/changing table. I almost purchased these mirror a handful of times in the last two days, but just couldn't get myself to do it. I wasn't 100% satisfied that I couldn't find something better or closer to what I wanted. I even considered buying the Overstock one and hanging it horizontally.

That's when I started looking around the internet again. I can't even remember what brought me here or what I googled, but I found myself on Pronto.com and somehow I stumbled upon this:

via Lighting Showroom - $180

Lighting Showroom has the same mirror for almost half the price - $180.00. The only catch is that this version of the mirror is an 'antique' aka distressed version. 

I'm not crazy about the distressed look for the mirror, but is it something I can tolerate in exchange for getting the mirror at half the price?

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