13 June 2011

Personalized Wire Hanger

In my Wedding - A Closer Look post from November, I shared resources for some of my favorite details from our wedding. One of these details was my custom "Mrs DeMaio" wedding dress hanger seen below.

I ordered this hanger from Anna Hartshorn over at LilaFrances on Etsy. I absolutely love it and to this day we have it hanging on the wall in our master bedroom. The picture above makes me so happy when I look at it.   

Once we found out we were having a girl and decided on a name, I knew I wanted to order another hanger from Anna - this time with Lucy's name. For $15.00 (+SH) I ordered the Original Eight Inch Personalized Wire Hanger for Infants. It's a smaller, more 'childlike' version of the wedding dress hanger.

I ordered the hanger on April 12, and today it arrived in the mail! (It takes 8-10 weeks for the hanger to be completed and shipped so if you'd like to order one be sure to plan ahead.)

Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with what I received. 

We still need to decide where we want to hang it in the nursery.

Be sure to check out Anna's website and Etsy shop to purchase one of your own.

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