01 July 2011


Being a first-time mom I know it's pretty ambitious (and maybe a little foolish of me) to think that I could tackle a home renovation project on my maternity leave. But one room that definitely needs some TLC is our guest bedroom. While it has been successfully used as a guest room on several occasions, it also has become the room that we shove random lamps, blankets, luggage, and other items that have no other home. 

When I say project, I don't have any plans for any major renovations. I've already accepted the fact that I painted the walls green two years ago and they're just going to have to stay that way for a while longer. I don't have the time nor the energy to take on painting an entire room right now. 

Since my last guest bedroom post, I've actually added two white ULSBERG Nightstands from IKEA on either side of the bed. I've also added some lamps on each of those tables although they are temporary until I find taller, prettier ones. Because the night stands are so low the lamps are each on a stack of books to heighten the light. 

There are a few things that the room needs:

1. Better Lighting - With one window on the back wall, not only does the guest bedroom get minimal sunlight, but what sunlight is available gets blocked during the spring and summer months when the trees in our backyard are in bloom. My solution? Installing the light fixture we took out of the nursery and replaced with the ceiling fan.

2. Add a Bench - I'm hoping to find a great bench at a thrift store or yard sale that I can clean up and slap on a coat of paint to keep at the foot of the bed. This will serve as both seating as well as a place for our guests to keep their bags when they stay over. I currently have a wicker chair in the room that is way too big and has no real place or function.

3. Lighter, Whiter and Brighter - I chose white sheers for the window treatments and the bed frame itselt is white along with the nightstands. Because of the dark walls and lack of natural light, I need to keep the rest of the decor pretty light (and white) to keep the room from looking to dark and heavy.

4. Mirrors - the guest bed is probably a bit too big for the room. There really was only one place for us to put the bed and it's under the window. The room itself is pretty small and the large bed doesn't help. I think that by adding some large mirrors on the walls on either side of the bed the room will look wider. And hopefully the mirrors will catch some sunlight and help brighten the room, too. 

Here are a few inspiration rooms I'd like to work from:

source: realsimple

source: theLENNOXX

I currently have a the Woodland Organic Duvet Set from Pottery Barn. 

It's a bright bedding that I think looks great with the white frame and matches the green walls. I actually was inspired by this photo from Pottery Barn when I painted the green:

But I'm willing to swap out the bright colors for a light, fresh bedding if I decide necessary to keep the room looking bigger and brighter.

I know I won't be able to even think about starting this room until the little one is born, but it's good to start brainstorming.

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