31 July 2011

Back in the Game - and a Lucky Find

Ok, I am back from my baby hiatus and ready to resume my regular blogging.

Several weeks ago I pinned this photo:

I love, love these crochet shorts. I love the whole ensemble actually -  the pop of orange, those great ankle boots, hair pulled back, simple shades - but the shorts make it perfect. 

About a week before I gave birth I was in TJ Maxx looking for some last additions to Lucy's nursery. I had no luck, so I decided to peruse the clothing rack. Even though I couldn't fit in anything and it was too late to buy anything big for maternity wear, it was still fun to browse. 

Lo and behold, I came across this hot little pair of crochet shorts:

I honestly couldn't believe my luck when I laid my eyes on them.
Aren't they great? And the knit detail is gorgeous, too.
The kicker? It was the only pair I saw and it was my size (pre-baby).

Even better? 

$14.99 price tag. Score!

Love, love when I find a great deal. Haven't worn them yet, but planning to wear them on our first date night out post-baby on Friday. If I can fit in them - still have yet to try them on. :)

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