02 August 2011


Look what came in the mail today.

I sense an IKEA trip in my near future. 

Working on an art project for the nursery. 
Should have photos and a post tomorrow. 


  1. Don't hate, but I'm going to Ikea tomorrow ;o) I also have at least 4 projects for the baby/Grayson and I can hear the clock ticking! Too bad lately all I want to do is sleep come 8pm. How are you and the little lady doing??

  2. I'm jealous you are going tomorrow! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your new nursery. Before you know it your nesting side will kick in and you'll have that 2nd trimester energy! I got so much done during that time. It will probably be a few more weeks until I'm ready to take a long trip to Ikea with Lucy. I love having her! She's so fun even though all she does it eat, sleep and poop. I could stare at her all day.