11 July 2011

One More Thing Crossed off the List

I'm surprising myself how many of the items on my to-do list I've actually been able to complete. Lucy was due on Saturday and although she didn't come, I did get a chance to tackle another task I've been putting off.

Back in March I posted this picture of the wall-o-wedding pictures. We framed and hung a few of our favorite shots from our special day. 

Only problem was that we had one more picture to hang, but ran out of frames. All the frames on the wall are IKEA Ribba, so I wanted to make sure it was a Ribba frame to complete the wall collage. Problem is, the closest IKEA is in Philly and I didn't really want to drive the 45+ minutes just for a picture frame.

A good friend of mine who lives 5 minutes from IKEA mentioned the other day that she needed to stop there and pick up a few things. SInce I knew I'd be seeing her for dinner last week, I asked her to snag me a frame. 

Keeping myself busy while Jordan was at work, I framed the last photo and hung it on the wall. Now more than 3 months later, this project is finally complete.

Here is the to-do list as it stands today:

  • Work on guest room for potential post-baby overnight guests - this has since been post to post-baby to do list

  • Organize decor on new living room shelves

  • Bonus points if I can do the above without purchasing anything new 

  • Finishing touches in nursery (paint touch-up, fix window treatments, etc)

  • Ceiling fan for nursery

  • Blinds for skylight in nursery - still trying to figure how to tackle this one out without spending $200 on a custom blind

  • Find a mirror for nursery 

  • Clean and spruce up outside (front and back upstairs and down) - front done, back in the works.

  • Hang family wedding photos in upstairs hallway - dragging my feet on this one. I cannot commit to a layout

  • Decide on a spot and hang Jordan's anniversary gift

  • Reupholster dining room chairs

  • FInd pillows for dining room bench

  • De-clutter dining room -  ehhh this is half done...

  • Purchase final frame for wedding wall collage in living room 

  • Re-organize linen closetJordan actually tackled this when we were cleaning a week or so ago. It was impromptu (he just tackled it on his own) so I never took any pictures to document.

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