04 August 2011

DIY: Framed Button Art for Nursery

A few weeks ago I was surfing around Etsy looking for some finishing touches for the nursery.(I told you all I'd never be done that room!) I purchased a few pillows for the chest in Lucy's room, two of which have arrived.

While searching for 'yellow' items to add to her nursery, I came across a set of vintage yellow buttons from elizabethwren vintage.

I pinned the photo from Etsy because when I saw how the buttons were arranged for the picture, I actually thought it was a piece of art. Once I realized it was just buttons, I decided that I wanted to purchase them and make them into framed wall art.

I've had this Ikea Ribba frame on our living room shelves for a while now. I purchased it because I needed a splash of white with the dark frames and colorful accent pieces. Well I snagged that frame to use in the nursery since it's a shadow box frame and I can easily frame the buttons behind the glass.

I guess I need to find a replacement now!

(Notice the empty frames. The bottom left photo is actually the picture that came with the frame. We'll be filling them with some new family pictures with our little one.) 

It took me about twenty minutes with my trusty glue gun before I had this:

I had considered using the mat that came with the frame and using a teal or patterned background behind the buttons, but I kind of really like the simple look of the white background and white frame with the yellow.

We'll be hanging this over the weekend along with another great piece that Jordan's aunt bought for us when Lucy was born. I'll be sure to take some new pictures with the new wall art and pillows once everything is set.

There are some other great sets of vintage buttons at elizabethwren's Etsy shop that I'm already considering purchasing for more art pieces. Perhaps in different sized frames or with a colored mat or background to mix it up a little.

Here are just a few I liked:

Some thrift shops around here also sell jars full of vintage buttons to create your own combination of colors/styles of buttons. 

Be sure to check out elizabethwren vintage on Esty!

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