20 September 2011

Two Month Milestones

Yesterday marked Lucy's two month birthday! Today she had her two month appointment at the pediatrician which included two shots. I don't know who was more traumatized by the shots, Lucy or me. I'm going to say me since she is snoozing next to me as I type this and we just got back from the doctor. Nothing breaks your heart more than seeing your little baby crying in pain. And these were new cries that I had never heard before. Extra squeaky pathetic shrieks with big fat tears. Her little face would get so red when each cry started because she couldn't catch her breath. It took everything in me not to be a blubbering mom in the doctor's office. I only let myself shed 2 or 3 tears in the car afterwards. Ugh...

I didn't write a post like this at her one month mark, although I did write her milestones down in a notebook to later be put into her baby book (a big project I have yet to even think about taking on). It really is crazy and great to see the progress Lucy has made in the last month. She really is becoming her own little person and she makes us laugh every day.

The Stats:
Weight: 10 pounds, 7.4 ounces
Length: 23.75 inches 
(She is in the 90th percentile for length! She did not get her height from her parents)

  • Sleeps around 13 hours each day (7 of them are straight at night, woohoo!)
  • Eats 3-4 ounces every three hours (except at night). Eating strictly breast milk.
  • Can hold her head steady when being held upright. Will sit in bumbo for 5 minute periods.
  • WIll push off your chest when laying down on her belly.
  • 'Talks' to us (mmm, umm, oh, ah, gah)
  • Smiles a lot! Can now smile when she sees your smile. Before she only smiled when she heard it in your voice.
  • She has giggled a handful of times. Both in her sleep and awake. Although I'm not convinced that I've seen a real one when she's awake. Jordan has, though. 
  • Can focus on objects for an extended period of time. Mostly the turtles that dangle on her swing, the bees that hang on her activity mat. And of course on mommy and daddy's faces.
  • She is starting to try to suck her thumb but that is the most when it comes to discovering her hands
  • Likes being sung to (sung? sang? i don't know...)
  • Blows bubbles
  • Likes baths, although she does do some mean-muggin' when it's time to rinse off

That's our girl. :)


  1. So cute!! Shots are the worst. I still cry when he gets them :o(
    Good luck with your baby book. I'm sure you'll have much more success than I did. I have everything written in a notebook, on a calender, and keepsakes saved in a photobox, but 2 years later have yet to put it together. :o(

  2. I just came across your website through project nursery. You did such an amazing job on Lucy's room, I love it! And she is such a little doll!

  3. Thanks! We are so in love with this girl. It's crazy how much has changed in two short months.