22 September 2011

Getting Personal

I can be quite sentimental. And although many people don't necessarily see that side of him, Jordan can be too. He is quite the romantic. He was born on Valentine's Day after all! He is a great gift-giver because he listens and remembers (like the jewelry box I was lusting after from PB and the watch I had been craving for almost a year). When we first started dating he did a number of sweet things like leaving flowers in my room while I was at class and making CDs of songs that made him think of me. A regular Romeo, right?

I have this shoebox.

 And in that shoebox I keep things that are meaningful to Jordan and me.

Maps from vacations we have taken; miscellaneous pictures from the beginning of our relationship; a receipt from a restaurant where Jordan worked and where I would visit him after we first met; the Banana Republic ring that he surprised me with when the one I bought myself lost a (fake) diamond (it's now too tarnished to wear); all the mixed CDs he made me in our first year of dating (the first one is still my favorite); cards from the flowers he sends me for my birthday, or our anniversary, or just because; table markers from weddings we've attended; little notes he has written to me; and all the cards Jordan has given to me while we've been together:

6 Christmases, 
6 Valentine's Days, 
6 Birthdays, 
1 Graduation,
1 Wedding Anniversary
1 Mother's Day
and many 'Just Because'

Some cards are simple and to the point,

others, he wrote from the heart.

I intentionally angled so you couldn't exactly read what he wrote, but you get the gist. :)

The cards are probably my favorite of all the things I've kept. 
Every once and a while I go through them and read Jordan's sweet words.

Anyway, back to the point of this post :)

I love and appreciate all things personal or sentimental.
I try to incorporate a lot of personal pieces into our home decor. 

Take the wood stained art I made for Jordan for our anniversary featuring the lyrics to our wedding song (Van Morrison's 'Crazy Love.').

 We hung it in our hallway as a symbol and reminder of our wedding.

Lucy's name hanger in her room with her first swimsuit.

Our subway sign has personal significance as it is the train route we take to travel to Boston each summer.
(Read how to make your own here.)

The gallery wall in Lucy's nursery showcases our hospital bracelets and the horoscope from the day Lucy was born.

I even mentioned before about my love for all things monogrammed.

And of course, what's more sentimental than a wall full of photos from our wedding?

We have an old mason jar that we use to store tickets from events we've attended together:
baseball games, basketball games, concerts, movies, and so on.
We probably each have tickets in our wallets, too, that we both have held onto after going somewhere. 
We sometimes forget to put them in the jar. 

Lately I've been wanting to add some personal art in our house.
I truly love all the personal items we have to date, so why not add more?
I have a few ideas in mind, but you all will just have to wait and see. 


  1. What a sweet post. I love a romantic hubby :)
    I'm thinking the same as you: incorporating more personal art items into the house. What I did a couple weeks ago was - using your subway sign DIY (which I totally made my own version of btw!) - I purchased a small canvas (couldn't have been more than 8x10) and wrote our wedding date in big block numbers down the side


    and I'm placing it on the mantle along with other photos and such. It looks really good and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

  2. i love this post. it's crazy how similar we are. i also have a box with all the cards dan has given me, tickets to shows, games, etc., and anything random that is in some way sentimental to me. i just love reading your blog :)

  3. Rachel - Love that wedding date idea! I bought a small canvas and paint last week and I'm trying to decide if I want to do another subway-type piece or something else.

    Meggan - Isn't it nice to look back at all the things you've done together? Part of me wants to use pieces from this box with my decor but the other part of me likes having it tucked away private.

  4. This is SUCH a cute post!! I LOVE the idea of putting tickets in a jar. I keep ours in a basket on my dresser with other personal items. Also love your gallery walls!! :)