26 August 2011

Little Gold Frame

Once upon a time the nursery gallery wall looked like this:

For the past two weeks or so it looked like this:

I added some of my favorite pictures of Lucy that I've taken in the weeks since she was born. I'm sure that I'll be swapping out photos every few months or so as I take new ones. But for the time being, these are a few of my favorites.

I saved our hospital bracelets specifically for this shadowbox from Ikea. The night we came home the hospital I couldn't wait to put this together and hang it on the wall. I originally just wanted to frame her bracelet, but decided to put all three in the shadowbox. The only downside is that they all have my name on them. I wish Lucy's had her name, but all in the name of hospital safety. Oh well!

For the past few weeks or so the wall has been 90% complete. 
Only 90% because I still had this little guy to fill and wasn't exactly sure what to put in it.

This tiny frame was only $1.00 from Joann Fabrics. In that sneaky rack they put by the register with about 50 other items under $5.00 just to tempt you while you wait in line. I'm a sucker and fell for it!

Originally Jordan suggested putting Lucy's footprint in the frame which I loved. We never did it for a few reasons. For one thing, I didn't want to go through the mess of trying to get an ink footprint from a squirmy infant. I knew it wouldn't be easy and I know I'm a perfectionist and would keep trying until I got the 'perfect' footprint. I also didn't want Lucy to have a stained foot for weeks.

We even thought about using the t-shirt footprint from the hospital, but I can't bear to cut up the shirt. Speaking of, I still haven't decided what to do with the shirt. Maybe frame it or turn it into some sort of gift for Jordan? Any suggestions?

Besides, my mom gave us a kit to do a ceramic footprint, which I plan to do sometime soon, so there is no need to do another one with ink.

Anyway, last week at my in-laws my MIL gave me a cut out from the newspaper of Lucy's horoscope from the day she was born. I didn't even think to look her horoscope up and I knew this would be a perfect fit for the tiny, empty frame. So I pulled out the scrap paper leftover from the gold 'Lucy James' frame project I did on her Expedit bookcase and picked a good background for the horoscope.

Now I have this:

The horoscope reads:
"Your tenacity and stamina are marvelous attributes that you'll apply to remarkable feats. Through the next five weeks, good fortune comes by way of community projects and sales. You'll be shown affection and will enjoy a large number of friends and acquaintances. An inheritance or unexpected bounty comes in February. Libra and Gemini people adore you."

Granted, it doesn't complete apply to a newborn, but I like the "You'll be shown affection and will enjoy a large number of friends and acquaintances" line. So many people already love and adore Lucy, so I think that this part of the fortune rings true. Also the 'unexpected bounty' line sounds pretty sweet although she won't be receiving that from us!

Here is the wall as it looks today:

Working on skylight curtain version 2 today along with another project in store for the weekend. Can't wait to show you all the final products. 

Happy Friday!! Good luck to everyone during the hurricane this weekend. Every state around here including Delaware has been declared a state of emergency. Here's hoping things aren't as bad as they predict. 


  1. I love your crib. Exactly the look we are going for. How is it holding up? I've seen mixed reviews with this style.

  2. Love it. We have had no problems with it whatsoever.