24 August 2011

Blinded by the Light (Part II) - Trial and Error

I did it. I made my no-sew window treatment for the nursery skylight. 

Please excuse the crappy quality of pictures. I couldn't quite figure out the right lighting and everything around the window comes out super dark in photos. 

I'm not 100% happy with the window treatment. For one thing, I mis-measured the length so there is a small gap on either side between the rod and the wall. Plus the lighting in the room now suffers a bit with the addition of the curtain.
Let me break it down.

- Blocks the bright sunlight (the reason for the curtain)
- Attractive fabric
- Spent much less $$ than custom blinds
- Took under an hour to create

- Measurements are slightly off resulting in a gap on each end
- Because of the fabric color, it casts a yellow glow into the room during the day. It looks like it's 7pm with a lamp on at 12 in the afternoon. I'm a lover of natural light. I wake up in the morning and open all the curtains and blinds in the house to let the bright, blinding, gorgeous little sunlight I can get in. So I'm not too happy if there's no natural light into the room. 

Since it does the job and my only real issue with the curtain is the color, I'm going to make another curtain in a lighter fabric. 

I chose a white fabric with just a little detailing to keep it from looking like an old bed sheet. I'm hoping that the white will allow enough light to come in without casting an awkward shadow in the room like the yellow fabric did.

Jordan has been working outside and trimming the trees in our backyard that have been blocking out the sunlight during the day. Hopefully a combination of a newer, lighter curtain along with the trimmed trees will keep the bright glare out, but allow enough light to creep in. 

Don't worry my yellow fabric will not to go waste. 
I have another project in the works and will be putting it to good use!

Stay tuned for a re-do of the skylight curtain reveal.
I'll also fill you in on the details of how I made this no-sew curtain.


  1. Don’t belittle your sewing and crafting skills, Jessica! I think you did an impressive job with the skylight cover! And good move on replacing the fabric! The last fabric that you chose would do a better job in blocking the sun.

  2. There’s always the first time and though it may not be perfect, I can still say that it looks wonderful! At least now, you have an idea on how to improve your sewing skills. Practice makes perfect!

  3. If you didn’t do well on your first, then there’s always the second, third, fourth, and countless more tries for you to make a wonderful skylight cover. It took me quite a few tries before I got my desired cover. What matters is that you keep on trying and learning from your mistakes.