23 August 2011

Blinded by the Light (Part 1)

Guess what? I have a new project in the works.

But first... a little side story for fun and a good laugh at my expense.

I'm truly beginning to understand what it means when people say that being a mom is a full-time job. Believe it or not the day flies by and next thing you know it's 2pm and you feel like you've done nothing but feeding, burping, changing, and playing with your little one all day. And maybe, just maybe you had the chance to brush your teeth or scarf down a granola bar (or something equally as easy to eat with one hand). What I never have time to do (until Jordan gets home from work and I do the baby trade-off) is shower. The one time I did try to shower, I waited until Lucy had fallen asleep, and took literally a 5 minute shower. Meaning I jumped in, soaped up, rinsed off and jumped out. As soon as I turned the water off, I could hear her wailing from the bedroom. Broke my heart. I vowed to never sneak in a shower while she napped again. 

While showering daily is a treat for me, washing my hair is another story. I am lucky enough that I don't get a big grease ball on my head when I go a few days without washing my hair. I tend to get to wash my hair every 5 days. Eww (whatever..) Last night was one of those times when Jordan was on baby duty and shooed me off telling me to take a nice long shower. So I did just that. Washed my hair, shaved my legs, went all out. When I got out of the shower, Lucy was a little fussy so I took her from the hubby for a little snugging. What does she do? Spits up on my still-wet, just washed hair. So what did I do? Jump back in the shower? Dunk my hair in the sink? Nope. Wiped it away with a burp cloth and keep snuggling. I guess I'm officially a mom.

Now back to business....

You can see from these pictures that we have a rather bright skylight in the nursery.

And you can see when the sun comes in it casts a beam of light into the room. 

It's pretty bright, so much that I sometimes have to cover Lucy's eyes or walk her around the light when I bring her in to change her. At certain times in the day it even creeps into her crib. So I needed to find a solution before she begins sleeping or even taking naps in her room. (She currently sleeps in a bassinet in our room during the night.)

 I mentioned in my To-Do List that I wanted to find blinds for the window. I didn't realize how expensive they were! After looking online I realized to have blinds or already-made window treatments I was going to have to pay a pretty penny (some blinds ranged $300-400!) Since not having blinds really isn't an option, I'll need to DIY a window treatment.

Yesterday Lucy and I ran out to JoAnn fabric and picked up some supplies: this pretty yellow fabric and Heat-n-Bond. Last week we purchased two 18-24" tension rods.

While I don't exactly have instructions that I'm following, I have an idea of how I want to execute this project. I plan to create something similar to this window treatment I found on Prudent Baby:

I'm hoping that by using tension rods and making the fabric the exact length of the window and keeping it tight I can prevent it from sagging and letting the light in. 

I'm off to give this project a try. Wish me luck! 
I'll will update tomorrow with a (hopefully) finished product. 

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  1. Ah your post brought back so many memories of when Gray was a baby. I remember some days it would be like 5pm and I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. Then there was the time I went to get my flu shot and didn't realize I had spit up all over my sweater shoulder til I got home. LOL Guess I need to get ready for that again!