26 September 2011

Repainted Frames Before and After - Floating Photo Booth Art

I mentioned last week that I wanted to add some more personal art to our home.
Over the weekend I completed a quick and easy project: turning some old art pieces I snagged from my grandparents' house into floating framed photo booth art.

 I originally had different plans for these frames that included using some of the cards from the box of goodies I showed you last post. As I tend to always do, I changed my mind last minute and decided to use pictures from the wedding we went to last weekend.

In keeping with my Fall To-Do List, I spruced these old frames up and hung them in our dining room on either side of the windows. 

(Please excuse the dark picture. I have yet to master taking photos of windows during the daytime. This was after tweaking exposure a little, too. Anyone want to teach me a trick or two?)

We have some big changes coming to the dining room hopefully this weekend, which include a big furniture swap. We are giving my in-laws back their antique set and taking Jordan's smaller, more modern set from his old apartment at his parent's house. 

I'm pretty excited because the other set is darker and will look great with the wall color (Martha Stewart's 'Sharkey Grey') and the crown molding. I haven't given up on my dream dining room table, but this will be a good temporary fix that better suits us until we find or make the table we want. 

I will post a tutorial for the floating art tomorrow. 

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  1. I love those! Great colour choice for the frame - I love how you chose a slightly darker grey than the walls. I also love where you chose to hang them in the room. It looks great!