09 September 2011

Inspiration: Farmhouse Table

When it comes to home decor, Jordan and my tastes are hit or miss. Some things we completely agree on (dark furniture, natural elements, etc) and others we butt head (i.e. painting over the red wall in the living room). Recently we have discussed the idea of getting new dining room furniture. The set we have now was given to us by his parents. It's a great set and I like the unique look of the furniture, I'm just not a fan of the honey wood color. Since his parents simply gave us the set to help out when we moved into the house, we know they won't mind if we replace it with something else.

Here are a few quick (aka sloppy) pictures I took of the dining room yesterday. Between the rain all week and the fact that the sun is starting to set earlier (boo!) I sort of rushed to get these photos taken. But they are the 'before' photos anyway, so who cares, right?

Note the miscellaneous baby furniture.

This was taken before the bar cart was added to the room. 
My plan is to not need a hutch in the dining room.

Isn't the bench cool? It had a custom cushion, but I took it off with the plan of filling the bench with a ton of pillows. Also, the Bud Light box isn't actually beer. It's filled with the left over items from the bookshelf we removed from the living room. And on top of the box is all the fabric and craft supplies I've recently been using. 

That white armoire used to be in the guest room and has been patiently waiting to be donated. We just need to borrow someone's car that it fits in. 

I stole this table from my mom brought this table from parent's house when I moved. I'm considering relocating it somewhere else in the house since the glasses have been moved to the bar cart I bought yesterday. Plus I'd like to find a new home for our cookbooks. 

I just noticed in these pictures that the bride and groom from our wedding are on the shelf. 
Jordan must have put them there. See how often I'm in the dining room?

As nice as this light fixture is, I would actually like to replace it with something a little more unique. 
Maybe this DIY one. 

These are the dining room chairs I reupholstered back in June.

Plates are Pier One. Napkins from Target.

The milk glass I received for my birthday and the plate I showed you from Pier One back in my St. Pat's post. Glass candlesticks were a gift from my aunt last Christmas.

One thing we have agreed on regarding the dining room furniture is that we want a big, rustic farmhouse style table. I've been doing a little research and found a few inspiration photos for the type of table we have in mind.

via here

via here

via here

Ideally, I'd love to stumble across a perfectly chunky, weathered table by chance at a thrift store or flea market (like my luck yesterday), but I know the chances if that, especially around here, are pretty slim to none.

I'm not against creating our own (especially after finding this tutorial), but I would need to get Jordan on board with that since I definitely would need his help. That and it needs to be a fairly easy and inexpensive project.

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