07 September 2011


It's been quite some time since I've had the chance to do some good ol' thrift shopping. 
So I packed Lucy up for her first thrifting experience. She was pretty excited.

There are three things I've had on my thrift shopping wish list:
1. A bench for the foot of the guest room bed
2. A vintage bar cart for the dining room
3. A new table and set of chairs for the dining room

There are a few good thrift stores around me that I usually go to.
Today I decided on Goodwill. There is a Goodwill just up the road from our neighborhood where I always seem to find some good treasures. I actually found the perfect bench for the guest room one time and I didn't buy it. I could kick myself today for not getting it when I saw it.

Here is what I did see today:

I always wanted to get a great wingback chair like this and get it reupholstered in some fabulous fabric. I've seen so many other blogs do this and it looks awesome. Since the style of chair doesn't really match our living room and we have no formal room in the house, there really is no point for me to buy this. But for $40.00 this chair was a great find.

I love the heavy wood of this chair. Again, I have no place to put it. Even though I was so tempted to snag it and toss a great brightly covered pillow on it. And it was $6.00!! I'm trying not to let myself buy anything that I have no place to put. Ugh.. such a good chair, too. Typing this now makes me want to go back and get it... 

I loved this little table set. It would be great to repaint and save for when Lucy got older. The catch? It only had one chair! And for $20.00 that wasn't worth it to me. If there was a full set of chairs (or at least two), I would have gotten it.

A little message center for only $4.00. Just needs a coat of paint and some new letters.

This puzzle could make a cool piece of wall art. 
Maybe paint the frame red or black.

A great mirror to repaint and hang in an entryway. Only $10.00.
I have more mirrors than walls to hang them on so this was not going home with me.

A cool clock. Not that I'd actually buy it, but I liked the crystal knobs.

Then I came across this beauty...

A gold vintage bar cart! 

I was so excited that I found this baby within minutes of entering the store. What luck. 
For only $18.00 I rolled it over to the counter and took it home.

Here was my little thrift shopping partner by the end of the trip. 

Thrifting is exhausting!

A quick cleaning and the cart found a new home in my dining room.

First step in renovating the dining room done. 
Next step? Finding/creating a new dining set.
More on the dining room plans at another time.

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