06 September 2011

Weekend in Pictures: Labor Day Fun

We spent the first half of our weekend with Jordan's parents at their place in Sea Isle.

This is Jordan's parent's place. They come every weekend during the summer months.
It's about a ten minute drive to the beach.

How cute are these DIY planters his parents made? Great for a beach place!

Saturday we took Lucy for her first trip to the beach!

This picture was taken about a minute and a half before she blew out her diaper... 
and up the back of her swimsuit. I took it off and washed it in the sink before we left so it could dry in the sun and I could put it back on her. I was determined to get some shots of her in her swimsuit.

Lucy with Gigi

Jordan heading off to face the waves.

The water was pretty rough.

Lucy's first dip in the ocean. Not a fan.

With Gigi and Pipop

Ruffle hiney

This is my favorite house in Sea Isle. I look for it every year.
When we hit the lottery and get rich (haha) we're buying it.

We spent Labor Day at my parent's house with my family.

Lucy with her great-grandmother, Beebah

Lucy with her great-grandfather, or as we say she'd call him: Pop-pop-pop

Lucy with Papa G and Nana

In addition to Labor Day we celebrated birthdays for my grandmother and my brother's girlfriend, Deena.

The birthday girls

It's quite the rainy day today. Lucy and I have decided to stay in our PJs all day.
Hope you all had a great long holiday weekend!

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  1. She is so sweet!! I love her bathing suit. So jealous you got to go to the beach. It's funny because I have a dream house in Rehoboth that I always say I'll buy when I'm rich lol.