12 September 2011

Fall To Do List

Happy Monday!

We had a low-key weekend and I'm having an even lazier Monday. 

When I made my Baby Countdown To-Do List, it was a good motivator to help me stay on track and get things done. And I surprisingly got almost everything done before Lucy came. Maybe it was the looming list in the back of my head, or the fact that I shared what I wanted to do with everyone on here and felt that I had to get it done so you all wouldn't be disappointed. Either way, I've decided to make a new list for the fall. Now that we have Lucy and I'm going back to work in October, it may become more of a Fall-Winter list.

- Make a mobile for the nursery. Lucy is still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom, but when she does start sleeping in her crib, I want something for her to be able to look at. Unless it's bedtime she tends to get bored while in her bassinet with nothing to look at. And she loves to stare at the bugs that dangle on her activity mat and the turtles that hang on her swing. I already have a plan in mind, I just need to pick up the necessary supplies.

- Work on dining room. This includes new furniture, wall art and a rug. I'm on the fence if I want to add any sort of window treatments. I love the faux wood blinds we have, but some fabric may soften the room a bit and make it look a little more formal. 

- Spruce up the laundry room. The only time I really showed the laundry room is when I did this update on the shelves. It's a room that none of our guests ever see, but why should that stop me from making it a place that I like to look at? I have an art project in mind, along with a possible paint job on the walls. Although that will be tricky with the washer and dryer, so I haven't made a definite decision. I basically want to make it a brighter and more organized space. Plus a little decor doesn't hurt.

- Repaint the powder room. The powder room is actually the only room in the house that I could technically say is 100% finished, doesn't need anything. So why paint it? As you can see from this post, it doesn't look that much different than how it looked before we moved in. I swapped out the mirror and added some wall art, but besides that it is still the design of the old homeowners. While I think the gray-black-white theme works, I'd like to repaint the gray walls and make it a little more "ours". I have a few ideas of what color I want to paint. More on that later. I am also considering removing the two towel rings and replacing them with a towel hook instead.

- DIY Projects. I have a few little miscellaneous projects in mind that I've seen on the web or have planned on my own. As usual, as I do these little projects I'll keep you updated. 

- Guest Room. Ugh. This is the room that I feel I will never get done. I'll need to tackle it bit-by-bit, but it seems as I have had little to no progress in the past three years. I think once we install the old light fixture from the nursery and are able to get some decent light in the room I can start making it feel a little more like a 'real' room. I mentioned a few days ago that I am also looking for a bench to refinish for the foot of the bed since there is no place for guests to place their bags in the room (We are getting rid of the wicker chair). 

This list is a lot smaller than the first list, but the bullet points are also a lot broader and less specific than before. I'm hoping that if I keep the list somewhat small, I will have a better chance of getting everything done. 

And the list starts.....NOW!


  1. I'm excited to see what you come up with. By the end of next month my husband and I will be fully moved into our new home and I'll be taking on a lot of DIY and decorating projects as well :)

  2. Hey there!!! I just wanted to let you know, I have been reading your blog for the past few months, and I love it!!! I know Kelly mentioned to you that I had been reading it a while back... but I had to comment on this post because Kelly and I just made the most adorible mobile for my neighbor's new baby girl.. She posted some pics on facebook, so take a look!!! Good Luck and I can't wait to see it!!!!

  3. Me too! I'm totally excited for your next post. I totally love your blog. Simple and easy to deal with.

  4. Rachel - be sure to post about your house DIYs. I'd love to see them.

    Amanda - I looked on Facebook. Those mobiles look amazing! I love Logan's planes. I'm in the middle of Lucy's now, can't wait to show you all once it's finished.

    Discount Lighting - Thanks! :) Always nice to hear.