18 August 2011

The Big 2-7

I'm learning that this whole new mom thing is turning out to be a bit time consuming. Surprise, surprise? No I totally expected it. Having a little one that loves to be cuddled all day long (when she's not being fed or changed) leads to a very neglected blog. But since I love cuddling Lucy, it also leads to a very happy mommy, so I really can't complain. Anyway I have some things that I've changed and a few projects in the works so I'm not gone forever.

Monday the 15th was my birthday. The big 2-7 for me. I think since I hit 21 birthdays don't have the same excitement they did when I was younger. Now it's just another year closer to 30 (eek!). But I will say I did receive some goodies this year. 

Birthday cake at my grandparents' house on Sunday.

I've been eyeing up the Andover Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn for a long time now.
Jordan tried to get it for me for earlier this year but they were out of stock online and the one they had in the store was pretty beat up. And then our Pottery Barn closed for renovations. I had forgotten about it when Jordan surprised me with it for my birthday. Actually it was a gift from Lucy but I'm sure daddy had something to do with it. I loved that I received my first 'mommy' present and even kept the tag that was attached to the gift. After I opened my presents I immediately brought the jewelry box upstairs and filled it with my jewelry.

The top section holds all my rings, pins and some of my earrings (I don't wear earrings often). 

The drawers underneath are perfect for my chunky bracelets and other miscellaneous pieces of jewelry. You can see in this post and this one that I keep my necklaces on hooks on the wall.

From my parents I received these adorable owl salt and pepper shakers,

and these great milk glass pieces. I love the star shape at the top of the glass.

These pieces haven't found a permanent home yet, but I'll keep you posted when they do.

My parents also gave me an external hard drive (woohoo!) so I can backup all the pictures I take for this blog and the hundreds I'll be taking of Lucy. 

Remember when I wrote this post about neeeeding a gold boyfriend watch?
I finally got my watch! Another great birthday gift from the hubby.

and it came in the cute box!

 I'm finally hanging my button art tomorrow (slacker, I know but I couldn't decide where to put it) and will snap a few pictures of some additions I've made to the nursery since posting the reveal a few weeks ago. I told you I wasn't finished with that room. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! It's amazing how something so small can take up such a big part of your life :o) It's challenging and so amazing all at the same time!