11 August 2011

Feeling Like Myself Again

We went out for dinner and margaritas with my best friend and her boyfriend this Tuesday. I got to dress up, do my hair and put on some makeup. It was a nice break from the leggings, unwashed hair and makeup-less face I've been sporting lately.

 F21 Necklace, Gap Tee, Urban Outfitters Skirt

We are going out to dinner tomorrow night for my birthday to Amada in Philly. It's one of our favorite spots and we haven't been since our engagement two years ago. I can't wait to pig out on some yummy tapas and a nice glass of red wine. And another excuse for this full-time (for now) mom to doll herself up.  

1 comment:

  1. You look great! It is always a nice change of pace to get all cleaned up and go out...feel like a normal human being again :o) lol Thanks for the lemon scrub post the other day. I remember my skin feeling all kinds of blah after Gray was born, probably from all the hormones and lack of sleep. I printed it out and put it in my make-up drawer so I don't forget!