01 November 2011

DIY I Tried: Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Ok, I actually didn't try this one, my friend Ellen did. 
So it's more like "DIY She Tried," but you get the idea.

Over at one of my favorite new DIY blogs, MoreDesignPlease, Ellen found this great idea for yarn bottle centerpieces. We got together this past weekend for a little "DIY date". She worked on these while I worked on a project for a guest post I'l be doing over at Neat & Tangled in a few weeks.  

While MDP didn't offer a tutorial, the steps were pretty self-explanatory and simple enough to figure out. 

All you need is some yarn, empty bottles (Ellen used beer, wine and an empty clear bottle I found around the house) and a glue gun.

The only prep work that needed to be done was soaking the bottles overnight to make the labels easy to peel off. Don't worry about picking every piece of label off, you just need enough off so the yarn is flat and no label peeks through.

Ellen glued the end of the yarn starting at the bottom of the bottle and began wrapping, stopping every few wraps to add a dab of glue.

Depending how thick your yarn is, you may need to do two layers. 
The wine bottle took one because the yarn was a pretty thick texture.
The rest of the bottles took two. 
At the end just cut the yarn and seal with a dab of hot glue.

Here's how they looked in the end. 
Great, right? I can't wait to see where she puts them.

These can be used as a vase, or filled with sand and sealed with a cork as a bookend, or just as a pretty decorative accent.

Any DIY's you've tried lately?


  1. Ooo I've been wanting to try these in brown, blues and cream - yours/hers came out great! :)

  2. love it! im going to try this one :)

  3. All you need is some yarn, empty bottles! love it!