23 January 2012

February Photo of the Day Challenge

You may remember that in early January I started to post a photo of the day that shows something I'm working on, something I find inspiring or just something that caught my eye each day.

While perusing my blogs on my lunch break, I saw that Shelley from House of Smiths is participating in a February Photo of the Day Challenge. I missed the boat to join in for January, but I'm excited at the idea of starting fresh for the month of February

It's pretty simple: using the below list as an inspiration take a picture each day. Then share your photo on Instagram, Twitter, your Blog and/or Facebook using the hash tag #FEBPHOTOADAY.

Here are the topics for the month of February:

I'm already getting inspired with all these fun ideas.
My biggest challenge will be remembering to do this on the weekends or not skipping a day, but I like the idea of a good challenge.

Anyone else want to join in??


  1. oh im in! this looks liek fun! i don't know anything about hashtags so i will have to learn about that...