31 January 2012

Guest Room: Primed and Ready to Paint

I'm so excited to say that the guest room renovations are underway!

Just as a refresher, here is how the guest room has looked for the past 2+ years.

I took yesterday off from work to get a little done around the house without having to worry about Lucy around paint fumes and smelly stain. She went with my mom for her usual Monday with Nana so I was able to get to work pretty early.

We don't have cable in the guest room, just a DVD player,
so I stocked up on some goodies to watch and got to work around 9am.

Now that we have Lucy, I'm a little more conscious of the products we are using in the house. For that reason, I chose this Kilz Clean Start primer with zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and low odor.

After about 3 hours cooped up in the guest room, the primer is complete and the deep, dark green has been covered.

Although there is still much more work to be done before the walls are finished, it feels good to at least have the green gone and see the room a bit brighter. It looks kind of awkward and bland with the just primer, but I know once the walls are completely painted, the room is going to look so much bigger. I'm also anxious to get started on the decor elements in the room, but I've told myself I need to get all of the painting done before I can do the 'fun' stuff. 

Even the mess that was leftover from the curtain rod(s) that the previous owners installed is gone with no trace of any damage on the walls. 

Still left for the guest room painting:
- purchase Martha Stewart 'Lamb' paint and paint the walls
- touch up trim and doors
- prime and paint inside of closet (seen below)

Once the paint is complete I have a few projects I plan to work on for the room:
- refinishing (and possibly paint) a shipping pallet as a wall storage unit
- stain and refashion the wine crate into a rustic storage bin
- lighting, lighting, lighting! (possibly DIYing a chandelier-esque light fixture to hang above the bed.) 
- Gallery wall of gold frames
- lots of fun, DIY decor


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    1. Thanks! I've been slacking a bit on it, but I'm going to finish soon.