31 January 2012


If any of you are animal lovers like me, take some time to visit the below link and consider helping out.

My cousin Stella's cat, Jinx, was attacked by a dog over New Years. As a result, she has had severe, irreparable damage to her back left leg. Stella recently found out that Jinx's leg needs to be amputated and today is the day. The vet bills are $1,800.

My cousin is an avid animal lover and works at the Philadelphia SPCA devoting her days to helping other animals. She rescued Jinx from a high-kill shelter and loves her so much. I want to do what I can to help her out.

Anything you can do will help.
Thank you!

EDIT: Jinx's surgery has been moved to tomorrow. Also, Stella will be accepting donations even after the surgery, so tomorrow isn't a deadline. Thanks again!

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