09 January 2012

Missoni Baby

Words can't explain how much I love this girl.

Yes! I got the Missoni for Target throw.
Target's website brought back the Missoni line on their online store only. I was psyched and immediately searched for this throw that I wanted to buy when the line originally came out.

The popular Colore throw (you know, the one everyone wants) was out of stock.

 Target actually said it had inventory, but when I went to add to my cart it wouldn't let me. But I still liked the Famiglia throw. (which I just saw is on Ebay going for $160!!)
I was so excited that it was back in stock that Jordan bought it for me on the spot as a little pre-Christmas gift.

This is the softest blanket I have ever owned.
Jordan and I both love it and use it for naps with Lucy.
It's been currently on our couch for late night tv watching and may just end up there permanently.

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