09 January 2012

Dining Room Art Complete (Finally..)

I'm so glad to say that I have finally finished the wall art for our dining room. 

If you remember, this screenshot from The Rachel Zoe Project was my inspiration

I purchased a 3'x4' canvas and a tube of silver acrylic paint to complete this project.

(These were my paint options. I used the tube of silver on the right)

I pretty much did this the same way I did the anniversary gift I made for Jordan, 
but on canvas instead of stained wood.

I thought I was going to be able to do this in a weekend, but it turned into a bigger process than anticipated. Because I chose a silver color for the words it took me two coats for each letter, and of course I was writing each word by hand. As soon as my hand would tire or I felt like like my handwriting was being compromised, I stopped for the night.  

At the rate of 1 or 2 lines per night, it took me two weeks from start to finish, 
but it's finally complete and hung on the dining room wall.

The song we chose for the canvas is "Hallelujah" - originally written by Leonard Cohen, but we chose the Jeff Buckley version, in which the wording is just slightly different. 

We both love this song and Jordan ultimately chose it for the canvas. It was one of the songs put on the 'Baby Song' playlist Jordan created for the Lullabelly I wore when I was pregnant.

I really like how the silver paint looks in the sunlight and from certain angles.

The 3'x4' canvas is the perfect size for the space on our wall.

Next for the dining room is finding something to fill the empty space in that corner of the room. I'd love to build or restore some sort of wine storage system now that we no longer have the hutch to store our booze. We already found a place for our liquor when I scored my vintage bar cart back in September. But we need some place to keep the healthy supply of wine that we always have on hand (thanks to my job).

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