14 November 2011

Dining Room Wall Art

While catching up on some Rachel Zoe a few weeks ago, I noticed this really cool piece of wall art in the background of a shot. It's a scene in the hotel room of a hotel in New York, although I'm not sure which one. 

I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone. 
(Sorry for the terrible Molly Sims profile shot.)

Side note: I just looked up the lyrics and apparently the song is Bryan Adams' "Heaven." Could have been a cooler song... womp womp. 

It reminded me of the anniversary gift I made for Jordan back in April, which is probably why I was so attracted to it. I just love the look of handwritten art and had so much fun creating Jordan's surprise anniversary gift with our wedding song.

Regardless of the song, I thought the art piece looked very cool - simple, but unique. I have been determined to duplicate it ever since. As part of my Fall to-do list I've been trying to spruce up our dining room, and the walls are pretty sparse (excluding my photo-booth art). I thought this would be the perfect solution to fill one of the large empty walls. I ran my idea by Jordan and he loved it.

Armed with my 40% off coupon, I stopped at Michael's craft store last weekend and picked up a 3'x4' blank canvas.

Originally $39.99, at 40% off this canvas ended up costing me $23.99.

Indecisive what color to use, I also stocked up on these paint colors:

First is a dark taupe color, the second is a gray and the third silver.

Here's Jordan playing Vanna White for me showing where the art piece will go once finished.

I put Jordan in charge of selecting what will go on the canvas. He went back and forth between a few ideas, first quotes about food/wine, then a few songs. I think we've finally settled on some lyrics. But you'll have to wait to find out what song!

I'm excited to start this project, although I already know from doing the anniversary gift that it will take me some time to complete. I'm a little nervous that if I try to do too much of it at once my hands will tire and my handwriting will suffer. I'll need a few nights with 1-2 uninterrupted hours to work. Which right now is near impossible with Lucy. (Also the reason I've been putting off repainting our guest room. Just no time with the bug unless I ship her off to her grandparents. More on the guest room at another time.)

Regardless, I'll keep you posted on the progress.
I'm hoping to get start sometime this week!

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  1. What a great idea. Good luck, and I can't wait to see the results.