14 February 2012

DIY Valentine Decor - Day 5

Today you get a treat: two posts for Valentine's day.

I was still mentally catching up from our busy weekend and didn't have a chance to prepare for yesterday's final DIY Valentine Decor post. On Saturday Jordan's parents and I threw him a surprise 30th birthday dinner. We invited our family and friends and had them waiting at Capers & Lemons, a local restaurant where Jordan thought he was going to have dinner with just me and his parents. Well... he had an idea something was brewing. When we arrived, Jordan was greeted by 40 of our closest family and friends. It was a success nonetheless and Jordan was thrilled. After dinner our friends took him out to his favorite bar and just had a great time all around. I even survived my first night without Lucy! (More on that when we get to her 7 month milestones.)

Back to the final day of DIY Valentine Decor.
My second to last craft is little framed Valentine message.

I'm sure you have all seen variations of this on other blogs, or Pinterest.
I won't take credit for coming up with this one on my own.

To create this, I took an old frame I had stashed away from the dollar store, some Valentine themed tissue paper, and Scrabble letters. (Ok, I cheated a bit and bought the Scrabble letters from the craft store rather than using real tiles from the game.)

I wrapped the tissue paper around the glass and put it back into the frame so that the tissue paper was exposed and the glasss was covered. After I chose my Valentine message, I used my hot glue gun to attach the letters to the framed tissue paper.

Easy enough, right?

There were a variety of versions I played around with before settling on a simple "I Love You."

My last project was a take on a previous craft I did back in November when I guest blogged over at Neat & Tangled. I made owl shaped silverware holders using felt and embroidery thread. (Check out the link to Danielle's blog to find out how I made them!) I took a spin on that project and made similar, heart-shaped silverware holders. These were incredibly simple to create and took less than 10 minutes each.

Well, there you have it. I finally decorated for a holiday!
I honestly had a lot of fun coming up with and doing these crafts.
I'm looking forward to the next holiday I get to plan more DIY fun.
I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Stay tuned for another special post later today. :)

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