02 February 2012

February Photo Challenge: Words

2. Words

Lucy's Baptism Invitation


  1. Just decided to randomly peek at your blog! Love the font and colors for this baptism invite! My husband is an illustrator (primarily oil on wood or canvas), but he ended up venturing into the design world of print for our wedding invitations, save-the-dates, etc. You can see most of it on www.bryan-davis.com.

    Your blog is lovely! I suggest a makeup section, since I'm always admiring how perfect yours is in photos. Love to you and the fam <3

  2. Thanks for reading!! I remember seeing the wedding invite that he designed. It's gorgeous. And what better than a custom-made one that you know now one else could have?

    Thanks for the compliments. :) Little do you know, I only post the 1 out of every 200 photos that I actually am semi-pleased with myself.

    XO - Hope everything is going well with you, your hubs and that adorable pupper. Oh and Neil!!