05 February 2012

Sunday Fun: Wedding Dress Shopping

This has nothing to do with any DIY or home decor, but I thought this could be a fun Sunday post for all you ladies, like me, who could care less about the Super-bowl. Now the Puppy Bowl is another story. I only get excited for the Super-bowl because it means football is over and baseball in near! Nonetheless the game will still be on and Jordan and I will still be pigging out on all sorts of SB-esque foods. 

I was looking through some photos in my iPhoto and took a little trip down memory lane wen I came across these pictures of all the wedding dresses I considered before finding the one. I went to a dozen plus stores with my mom and tried on what felt like a hundreds of dresses. One thing about me, especially when it comes to clothes, is that I am incredibly picky. I knew finding a wedding dress would be difficult, but I had no idea how hard it really was.

The Dresses I Considered:

This was one of the first ones I tried on, so I think I sort of loved it because everything was still new. Little did I know how long I would be searching for a dress.

This one I definitely loved and very strongly considered. 
I may have picked it if Jordan didn't have a strong dislike for big poofy gowns. 
And it was important to me that I pick something he would love, too. 

The next two were both the epitome of everything I didn't want. I was very anti-satin, didn't want jewels, wanted something with a wow factor aka not super simple. Surprisingly I still liked them both.

I loved this one for a while but it was just so heavy.

I found this dress in a magazine and went searching store to store until I found it. 
In the end, it was a little too destination wedding. 

I remember going from dozens of stores with my mom for weeks on end and never having that teary-eyed "this is it" moment. So we finally had one more store to try and I told myself if I didn't like anything there I'd have to choose between the ones above.

And then I found this one...

The Dress:

and fell in love with it. 
I still didn't cry or have a 'moment' but I just knew..
It's 'Galatea' by Pronovias.

Here are a few dress shots from our wedding day

I still love this dress so much. I haven't seen anything like it on any other brides, and that was important to me when choosing a gown.

And of course, my favorite wedding photo:


  1. I would've never thought about picking a ruffle dress but this one was gorgeous! You looked fabulous in it. Congrats on getting married!

    1. Thank you!! Although we're creeping up on the two year mark. Still loving married life, though. :)

  2. I LOVE that destination wedding gown, lol. So pretty. Mine was super simple and that's just the way I wanted it.
    The one you finally chose was so, so pretty :)

    1. Thanks! I saw yours in your Vegas post. Sure it was simple, but it's super pretty. I like the material of it - looks really comfy. I actually liked the one simple satin one I tried on and it made my reconsider my whole wanting a 'unique' dress.

  3. Wow! You looked amazing in all of those dresses!! I LOVE the one you chose for your day! You looked amazing and I agree that I've never seen another bride with one like that either! :)

    It's funny you say you tried on , and liked, ones that you never pictured yourself wearing or liking. I said I didn't want lace, crystals or any beading and that is EXACTLY what I chose! haha

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