23 March 2012

2012 Swimwear

Can you believe it's time to start buying swimwear and gearing up for summer? It seems the warm weather is here to stay and I'm totally ok with that. We are planning a vacation for the end of April/beginning of May. Our first real vacation in almost two years unless you count our little rainy beach weekend getaway for our first anniversary. But I'm talking hopping a plane and heading down for some sunshine, and R&R.  Since I missed out on fun swimsuits last year due to being 10 month's pregnant in the midst of the summer, I decided to treat myself a little this year and buy some new swimwear. 

To prep for my shopping I did a little googling of some 2012 swimwear trends. I came across a website that hosted some of the top style shown at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. These are my top three favorites.

Coral is such a great color. It makes anyone look tan which is a nice added bonus for the summer.

I'm a lover of all things boho. I have an inner hippie child side that likes to come out from time to time. The fifth swimsuit is my favorite of this bunch. That hat is pretty sassy, too. And I'm loving her hair.

I'm not usually a blue person, but I'm digging the cobalt I'm starting to see everywhere. I just purchased a cobalt blue dress the other day and I'm excited to implement that color into my wardrobe this summer. 

See these and more swimwear trends here.

I tend to follow most trends in my everyday clothing, but when it comes to swimsuits, I lean more towards classic styles that I can wear for many years. I also am big on mixing and matching tops and bottoms from different suits, which in turn doubles your swimwear wardrobe (win-win!). I love love the retro swimsuits with high waisted bottoms, cinched waistlines and thick halter straps. I wore a one piece pink polka dotted retro suit from UO last summer when we went to the shore for Labor Day. Not only are they super chic, but they are incredibly flattering for all body types and those a little more self conscious about their body which I was 6 weeks after giving birth. I think the retro looks are great for pool parties or BBQs, but I prefer something a little more traditional for the beach.
So while those were my top three favorite trends from MBFW, funny enough none of the suits I puchased followed any of those trends. I did a little online shopping and picked up these three suits from Victoria's Secret. And they arrived in less than a week!

1  |  2  |  3

I'm a huge fan of bandeau style tops. I wear them both with everyday clothes and with my swimwear. They work really well for body types like mine (aka little boobs). I love layering bandeau bras under flowy or sheer tops. The middle, striped suit actually came with a removeable halter strap that I didn't realize until it was delivered, and I love that addition. It actually gives the suit that little retro look I mentioned above. I'm sort of over the whole 'string bikini' look, I usually like more of a 'hipster' bottom, but I loved the top on the first suit and couldn't turn it down.

I also really like the floral design on this one and I'm considering splurging and treating myself to one more suit. I've really been into florals lately if you remember from this post.

Since our little weed is growing day by day, Lucy needed a new swimsuit for vacation, too. I grabbed these summer goodies for our girl from Gap and Children's Place. I'm really excited to start implementing her spring and summer wardrobe. Goodbye layers, hello dresses!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4

Are you getting your wardrobe ready for summer and shopping for any new swimwear?


  1. I'm excited to see that coral is a big swimsuit color this year because I bought myself one last summer that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

    1. Nice! I kind of wish I had a coral one, now! :)

  2. My sister has your pick #2. It looks great in person! Love your picks for Lucy, too! Oh- and love the new layout. Great job :)

  3. Hi! I've pinned your photos at http://pinterest.com/pin/135882113727293897/ I love the bikinis you've selected! Cheers!

    1. Nice!! I'm loving them. Can't wait to give them a try on vacation in two weeks. :)