12 March 2012

Pallet Update

This weekend was dedcated to more prepwork for the pallet. 

I sanded down all the spackle spots as well as the rest of the pallet. While I like the 'rustic' look of the pallet, I needed to get smooth edges all around before I primed and in order to avoid any unnecessary splinters.

After a mini discussion, Jordan and I decided not to remove any of the planks on the back of the pallet as we will most likely need them to help stabilize the pallet when we hang it on the wall. (We're still planning exactly how we want/need to hang it so that it both looks nice and will be sturdy enough.)

Once the spackle spots and rough edges were sanded down, I primed the pallet using this spray paint from AC Moore.

One can was just enough to give the entire outside of the pallet a good coat.

After I did the first coat of primer, I started to notice a few spots that need to be respackled and touched up. I also still need to prime the inside of the pallet. I plan to pick up two more cans and hopefully get this boy primed and ready for paint by this weekend.

I'm already happy with how it's starting to look with just a little bit of white paint.

Oh, and here was my helper for the day.

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