11 April 2012

Look for Less: Anthropologie Schoolroom Hook Rack

I recently fell in love with and have been pining over the Schoolroom Hook Rack from Anthropologie. I've been wanting something in our bedroom that I can use to hang my purse, cardigan, etc., instead of tossing them on the bedpost. Of course, I didn't fall in love with the price tag. $88 seems a bit excessive for wood, hooks and nails.

Seeing this as a a good DIY opportunity, I decided that I was going to make my own version for a fraction of the price. It was a little bit of a challenge to make sure I could replicate this piece without coming close to the $88 price tag from Anthropologie as the hooks can be pretty pricey depending the style you choose. I lucked out that I already had some of the basic tools from previous projects, and was able to I make my hook rack for around $30.

Stop back tomorrow for a tutorial to learn how to make your own Anthro hook rack for a third of the price.


  1. Looks great Jessica! Your hook turned out perfect. I love the DIY version without paying Anthro prices!

    1. Thanks! I find so many inspirations at Anthro. I love that store but can't always afford what they sell. So I try my best to duplicate. Tomorrow I'll share how I made the rack :)