11 May 2012

Guest Post: Jackie Clark

Jackie Clark does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and reached out to me last month inquiring about doing a guest post on the SKOL blog. Jackie has a passion for fashion and a belief that all women need to feel beautiful, no matter was circumstances they may be facing. I'm sure at some point we have all known someone battling cancer or another difficult obstacle. I thought this would be a great lifestyle topic to share with you all.

Beauty that Beats Cancer
By: Jackie Clark

Beauty is something everywoman possesses. Each has her own special characteristic, which makes herbeauty unique, and separate from the other women she encounters throughout herday. One has stunning legs, the other high cheekbones and yet another with eyesthe shape and color of almonds. Yes, beauty is always there in a woman, butwhen facing a diagnosis of cancer, it can become difficult for her to feel orsee.

The woman who suddenly must see mesothelioma doctors once per week because she has been diagnosed withmesothelioma cancer may, for a moment, forget about her unique beauty. But thatbeauty has not left, sometimes it just needs to be rediscovered during thosetough moments in life. And when a woman faces a cancer diagnosis, she isdefinitely going through a tough moment in life.

Shining in the dark

A woman diagnosed withmesothelioma cancer or with any other form of cancer, must learn to stay inconstant remembrance of their beauty, particularly during times of crisis. Shehas to tell herself that cancer is in her body but it is doesn't represent theessence of who she truly is; it can never define her in the way that her truebeauty does.

Bringing to mind all thatis still right and lovely about herself is just the kind of brightness a womanneeds to make it through visits to mesothelioma doctors. Instead of letting thedarkness inherent in such a diagnosis overtake her, she should do things thatmade her feel good as a woman before cancer was introduced into her life. Shemust let her beauty, both inside and out, be the inspiration that motivates herto persevere.

Focusing on fashion

Checking out the latesttrends and possibly updating her wardrobe is a wonderful way to put her mind onsomething positive rather than negative. Leaving her mesothelioma doctors andheading to a favorite boutique will do more for her spirits than going home tosulk alone in bed. It's all about still finding the fun in being who she is,sometimes focusing on fashion can do that for a woman.

Let's face it, a woman whois dealing with something like mesothelioma cancer is going to have somedifficult days in her journey toward healing. Finding her beauty and focusing on still presenting herselffabulously to the world can help her walk that road with dignity. Without saying a wordshe will be letting the world know that cancer can never claim the best partsof who she is.

Every woman has the rightto feel good about who she is at all times, even if she is dealing withmesothelioma cancer. She should still sport a gorgeous pair of heels with amatching bag even if she is on her way to see her mesothelioma doctors. Thegoal should be to live her life as if she expects to make it to the other sideof this diagnosis. By letting all of her beauty shine through, she puts herenergy into building up the good in her, while her cancer treatment works oneliminating the bad.

Thanks Jackie for the great article! Jackie also contributes to a Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog where she shares stories from strong women who have overcome their cancer diagnosis as well as ways to encourage women to feel beautiful regardless of the obstacles they are facing. Check out her blog here.

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