22 May 2012

TREND: Paint Dipped Furniture

One trend that I really love is the paint dipped look. I've been seeing it everywhere lately: half painted tables, chairs, spoons, baskets, anything. And they literally look like they were dipped in a bucket of paint. You can pretty much dip anything both furniture and accessories for an instant upgrade.

You can approach this trend one of two ways: using painter's tape to get a smooth dividing line, or literally dipping your accessories to get that imperfect, dripping finish. I'm personally a fan of both.

I love this trend so much that I'm going to give it a try this weekend with a side table I'm taking out of the dining room to use as a nighstand in the guest room. If it works out well, I may just dip some more furniture!

These stools are the color/style that I plan to dip the table that currently resides in the corner of our dining room. It really is serving no real purpose in there and I think will be better suited as a side table in our guest room next to the bed. The space between the bed and walls is minimal so something tall and thin like that table is ideal.

This one is my inspiration for the sofa table in our bedroom. How cool would it be to have the top dipped pink and the legs dipped gold? If I have luck with the smaller nightstand, I am definitely tackling our sofa table.

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