23 May 2012

Social Media

With so much social media going on these days it can be exhausting to maintain and keep up with everything. I've been trying to cover all the basics with the SKOL website. I have set up a SKOL Facebook page separate from my personal one that is updated with each post. Twitter is linked to that page and updates with each Facebook update. The Twitter is my personal account, so not all posts are necessarily blog related, although most of my free time is spent doing blog-related things. And for fun I added my Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Feel free to check them out and follow any if you'd like. :)

There are links to most of these (excluding Tumblr) on the right sidebar, too.

And of course if you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, send them over to the SKOL email: simplekindoflifeblog@gmail.com. I'd like to do a 'Getting to Know Me' post in the future, so feel free to send any questions you might be interested in knowing. I'll answer anything from blog-related questions (i.e., 'what is your favorite DIY project you've tackled?') or just some fun semi-personal ones (i.e., 'what is your favorite food?'). Send them my way (email or comment on this post) and I'll answer your questions in future post.

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