25 May 2012

Lucy's 10 Month Milestones

10 months seems so old! Our little girl is maturing so quickly and growing like a weed. Two shorts months and we will be celebrating her first birthday. Time truly does fly by. A few key milestones this month:

- Stands every chance she gets and walks along furniture. Can walk using her 'walker' toy that sort of looks like a manual lawnmower.

- Has started to say a few words mostly Lyla and Elmo. Da-da and ma-ma are still regulars in her vocabulary although we aren't sure if she knows yet what they mean.

- Loves water/baths. Splashes like a fish. We can't wait to bring her back to the pool.

- Knows the word 'no' and reacts to it. Usually listens and stops what she is doing, but sometimes tests us.

- Dances!! She is dancing so much lately. Especially to her favorite songs on Yo Gabba Gabba.

- Gives kisses - the sweetest!! Sometimes they end up a bit sloppy, but sweet nonetheless.

- Points to show what she wants. i.e., points to the TV when she wants her show on.

- Loves books and flipping through the pages to point at the pictures. Sits very well each night when we read before bed. She just sometimes like to turn the page a big prematurely. :)

- Sleeps great at night. Usually goes to bed after her bath around 8:30. Some nights she sleeps until 4 or 5. Some nights she still wakes up once to eat. She is usually awake for 'good' around 6am. Eventually goes back down for a nap in the early morning.

- Still just two teeth at the bottom. Loves to grin and show them.

- Eats like a champ. There is really no food we have tried that she won't eat - fruits, veggies, cereal, puffs, you name it.

- Still on breastmilk. Looks like we will make it to one year! Once she turns a year old we will switch or organic whole milk.

I'm sure I'm forgetting more milestones, but those are certainly the major ones.

Some shots of Lucy from my iPhone. What did parents do before the camera phone when you can snap a picture in the moment without having to run and grab the camera?


  1. awww Sylas has Scout (the girl version of Violet!) we love that thing! and i love the pic of her at Iron Hill. isn't it so weird that they can sit in highchairs at restaurants, now? she is so cute!

    1. It's so crazy. I look at picture so of her a month ago and she looks so different. I love it though. She and Sylas are going to be 1 soon. Time FLIES.

  2. She is adorable. Happy 10 months!