12 June 2012

Ashley & Kevin's Baby Shower BBQ

Sunday we celebrated first time parents, Ashley and Kevin. Ashley is one of my best friends that I grew up with and have known my whole life. It was so exciting to be able to celebrate this with her. They are expecting a little girl early August. I'm really excited for Lucy to have a friend to grow up with and hope they will be as close as Ash and I have been.

The baby shower was a Jack and Jill BBQ theme. While Ashley and Kevin's families planned the majority of the shower, I helped out with some of the decor and our friend Allison made her famous cupcakes. Both families chipped in with some delicious homemade food. All in all it was a great day and I thought I'd share some pictures I took.

Like I mentioned above, I helped out with some DIY decor - specifically the food label cards with cork holders/metal stands (leftover from our wedding), and the Baby Girl Younker banner. I had a lot of fun making these decorations and it really put me in the mood to start planning Lucy's 1st Birthday party. One more month until our little bug is a year old. Seriously, where did the past year go?


  1. What a great spread! So fun! Those cupcakes by Allie look amazing :)

    holly foxen wells

  2. Do you know where the ceramic condiment jars are from?? They're so cute, the whole shower is adorable!

  3. Where were you able to find the checkered fabric you have on the round tables as well as on the food tables? I can't find anything nice anywhere. The square pieces you have on the food table almost look like cloth napkins but i'm at a loss to find anything remotely close. We loved you're whole party idea and were trying to use it as a sample for a couples shower we're throwing on Saturday. Great job! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! It's beautiful. Thanks for the help.