25 July 2012

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

Lucy's birthday party came and went in the blink of an eye. I can't believe after all that time planning, crafting, and even stressing, it's all over.

We lucked out and had a gorgeous day. We held her birthday party at my parents' house since ours would have been to small for the guest list. We did easy food, ordered a tray of sandwiches and a few guests took turns bringing side dishes. My good friend Allie (and Lucy's godmother) made her famous cupcakes with coral icing, per my request. 

Rather than try to explain all the details, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Above: All the DIY decor I made for her party. I now realize I missed a picture or two of a few things, but that day was so busy that I was too distracted. We also have matching serve ware from Target. The last picture was a book I picked up from Target that we passed around the party and had all the guests write a note to Lucy. I loved seeing everyone really putting in a lot of thought into what they wanted to write to her. 


  1. Lucy is just SUCH a beautiful girl!!! What a fun birthday party!! I love all of the details!!! :)

  2. This 1st birthday looks more fun than most of the old folk parties I attend! The pic of Jordan holding Lucy- she totally had your pouty face there... So adorable! I love the one of her in her high chair with the little boy reaching up toward her cupcake. Her face is all, "Oh hells no!" beautiful family, as always- thanks for sharing!

    1. :) :) Thank you!! I know she'll never remember the party, but I loved putting it together.

  3. I love all the banners you made. Everything looks so great!