18 July 2012

Lucy's First Year Through Instagram

Lucy's Birthday Week is finally here. I've been scrambling to finish up tons of last minute projects for her party this upcoming weekend, but I'm making sure to squeeze in a few blog posts here and there about our little birthday girl. Still to come this week: Lucy's 12 month milestones, a guest post from Jordan, and an update on my life as a mommy. And of course, I'll wrap up the weekend with a post to share all the DIY decor I worked on for the party.

Now for today's Lucy post...
I feel fortunate that we are in the age where you can have a camera on hand at every moment through your cell phone. Most of my favorite photos of Lucy are the candid ones I take with my iPhone when I catch her in a funny or sweet moment. I didn't realize just how many Instagram pictures I've dedicated to our little bug until I started to gather them for this post. I can't help it, she's our world. 

Enjoy a quick view of Lucy's first year through Instragram.