21 September 2012

Friday "What I Wore" Roundup

Ok, this might actually be two weeks worth of scattered outfits crammed together. Obviously I haven't taken a picture everyday, but most days I attempt to snap a shot on my way out the door for work or dinner. Here is my weekly 'What I Wore' roundup, starting with today's outfit.
Left: top, Urban Outfitters | pants, H&M | shoes, Madden Girl
Right: necklace, Forever21
Left: top, Urban Outfitters | jeans, Abercrombie | shoes, Madden Girl | necklaces, Forever21 & Lia Sophia
Right: dress, Urban Outfitters | watch, Michael Kors

Left: top, H&M | pants, H&M | shoes, Jessica Simpson (at TJMaxx)
Right: top, Forever21 | pants, Gap | shoes, Target | necklace, Anthropologie | watch, Michael Kors

Left: dress, Urban Outfitters | bracelet, Forever21 | watch, Michael Kors
Right: tank, Forever21 | feather jacket, Forever21

Left: sweater, ShopBop | tank, Urban Outfitters | skirt, Urban Outfitters
Right: top, H&M | jeans, Abercrombie | shoes, Target
The sweater from ShopBop in the above picture was actually one that I found on Pinterest. I'm sure you can tell that the left photo isn't me. Within about 5 minutes of me pinning that photo, Jordan snuck online and bought the sweater for me. Bonus points to the hubby for paying attention!
Happy Friday!


  1. I LOVE these outfits! Def copying your polkadot/leopard print outfit!! :)

    P.S. How do you make your collages?

    1. Thanks! I use Diptic on my phone for my collages.

  2. I almost got that sweater from ShopBop but wasn't sure how it would look on! Will def be buying it now! You have the cutest style, Jessica!!!


    1. Thank you :) The sweater fits great. I love that the sleeves are snug and not loose. Perfect with dresses or legging.