27 September 2012

Guest Bathroom Redo: Rope Framed Canvas

My grandfather was an artist, and a great one at that. He's done a few portraits, but most of his work was of gorgeous scenery - houses, building, lakes, cars, etc. Whenever we visited, he was always in the middle of painting a number of canvases and the walls in his home in Kensington were covered in his finished pieces. He passed away when I was in college and I made it a point to get a number of his art pieces (that hadn't already been split between his two daughters and nine grandchildren). I adore the paintings my grandfather made. While I have tons of memories of him, I love having these physical paintings to help me still feel close to him. I even have a few personal ones in my collection - one is a painting of my fifth grade school photo (the actual photo of me is unfortunate, but I love the painting) and the other was a bouquet of flowers I specifically asked him to paint. I haven't really hung Pop's paintings in our home. I have no reason for this and that's something I want to change. I want to proudly display them because I am proud of them and they mean a lot to me.
When planning the wall in the bathroom I remembered one particular painting of my grandfather's that I knew would be perfect in the space.  

One of my favorite details of Pop's paintings is that sometimes he would sneak our names somewhere into the picture. In this particular one, he named the ships after my brothers and me (they read 'Nicki', 'Dave W' and 'Jessica').  
I wanted the painting to look a little more finished before I hung it since the staples along the edge of the canvas were visible.
With a spool of jute rope, my glue gun and just ten minutes, I had a new rope frame around my canvas.

Not only did is make the painting look more complete and ready to hang, but the rope ties nicely into the theme of the guest bathroom.

Pop's painting now hangs proudly on the wall for all our guests to see. Just another tiny peek at the almost finished wall in the guest bathroom.


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  2. What a fantastic and sentimental DIY :) It's so special that your pops snuck your names into the paintings... the painting really is beautiful. What an amazing talent ;)


    Holly Foxen Wells