15 October 2012

Guest Bathrom - FINISHED!

When I last showed you, the guest bathroom was sort of in limbo. I had painted the walls a soft grey, but kept most of the progress a secret until it was complete (with the exception of two sneak peek projects). 

What started out as window shopping shower curtains at West Elm soon became a full blown room redo. I'm proud to say the room is complete (at least for now). I opted not to tackle painting the countertops just yet. The light fixture could use a replacement, but for now I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

Note: I tried to take as many photos as I could with natural light so you could see the real shade of the paint color, but since there are no windows anywhere near the guest bathroom I eventually had to suck it up and take a few photos using the icky bathroom light. The ones I did take in the natural light have a little blur to them. (Any photographers out there have any tips?)

Let's take a mini tour and share some resources, shall we? In case you were curious, the paint is 'Silver Sateen' by Behr. 

Along with giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, I wanted to replace the ugly beige outlet colors with crisp, clean white ones. I opted for the clean lines and modern look of the flat switch as opposed to the traditional light switch. The replacements cost a little more than the others, but not so much that I felt guilty for the upgrade. This picture also gives you a good idea of the paint color. It wasn't my intention, but in person there seems to be a slight blue tint to the gray, which I'm fine with considering the whole color scheme.
Octopus hook, Anthropologie | hand towel, West Elm | 'D' dish, West Elm | glass storage jars, Homegoods | light switch & outlet, Home Depot

basket, Homegoods | white linens, Homegoods | sea sponges, Amazon | soaps, Amazon

oar, DIY (here) | metal 'D', Urban Outfitters | matted frame left, Target | matted frame right, Pottery Barn | thick wood frame, Target | metal round frame, Homegoods | painting, painted by my grandfather with DIY frame (here) | white frame, old repainetd white | metal door knocker, Pottery Barn | key, thrift
shower curtain, West Elm | bathmat, West Elm | yellow metal storage crate, Homegoods (love the little pop of yellow!) | candle, Anthropologie | white towels, wedding gift
ceramic tray, West Elm | glass, Anthropologie | wooden toothbrushes, Amazon | frame, thrifted | soap, Amazon
One of my favorite aspects of this room is the fact that I snuck in a number of items that are sentimental to both Jordan and myself - specifically pictures of our grandparents.
Left: Jordan's maternal grandparents (Target frame)
Right: Jordan's paternal grandparents (Homegoods frame)
Left: My maternal grandfather (thrifted frame)
Right: My maternal grandmother (really old frame I painted white)
Above: My paternal grandparents. (Pottery Barn frame) They are the only grandparents that are still alive. I see them every Sunday morning for brunch.

There you have it. The guest bathroom is complete, and I love it.


  1. Looks great, Jessica. That grey looks very similar to what we just painted the nursery and I LOVE it!

    As for tips; using a tripod helps a lot with indoor photos and blur :)

    1. Thanks for the tip. That would help huge! Add that to my Christmas list.

  2. LOVEEE the new bathroom! I have been anticipating its reveal for some time now. You should submit it to Apartment Therpay or something. Love all the little personal touches.

  3. These pics make me want to redo my bathroom!! Looks SO SO good, LOVE all of the special details!! :)

    1. Do it! This was super easy and budget friendly.

  4. This turned out soooooo GREAT!! Good job!!!

    1. I looked above but didn't see the color of gray did you use for the bathroom?

    2. I'm sorry I missed this! The color is Behr - Silver Sateen.

  5. Oh my I love your style!!!! Seriously!

  6. I'm having trouble finding Behr Silver Sateen. I have the old Behr fan deck and the new one. Wondering why Silver Sateen isn't in either one of them. Hopefully I can find a sample card at Home Depot.